Editor’s Story: Why I Choose to Live Alcohol-Free

I remember the time in my life when even thinking of living an alcohol free life seemed virtually impossible. How would I celebrate? What would I do when I go out? What would I do when I meet people? How would I treat myself… And so on. It felt like alcohol was so ingrained in my personality that not even lousy time or hangovers couldn’t change it.

And than something amazing happened- I quit.

It’s been almost two years since that last Monday morning hangover, and I feel like I have collected enough data (and experiences) to share my view on why living alcohol-free life is a great life for me, and why it might be good for you too.

1. Health

Most obvious one. When I was drinking I always felt less healthy than I could be. There was chronic inflammation, tiredness and dehydration that always made me feel heavy and bloated. Even if I would have just a little. Of course there was also junk food that I was much more prone to when I was little buzzed- you only live once so have that Big Mac because that is what makes this life more special, right? And you would be surprised how it all adds up. Although living alcohol-free life on its own won’t make you a healthy person, it will definitely help and set the tone for all good changes that naturally come after. Read how you can start your wellness journey.

2. Hangovers

Ugh… I remember when I was younger and they didn’t bother me as much. Although horrible in every possible way somehow I took pride in them. As a medal of a warrior who just came from the battlefield- I carried my hangovers with pride… Until they started taking more than one morning to pass, first it was one day, than two, then sometimes three days to completely recover in all forms (bloating, sleep… weight). It seems ridiculous to me now that I would allow myself to loose three precious days of my life just for one night of fun. How fun was it anyway?

alcohol free

3. Time

Quality of my time and people I spent my time with. And this is a big one. I would like here to start with how my life looks now: When I like talking to someone, I keep talking to them; If I like certain situation or gathering- I stay and enjoy my time- simple right? Well, when I used to drink and not enjoy someones company, all I had to do is keep pouring myself vino and at some point we would stand on a mutual ground. The mutual ground would disappear with the buzz, of course.

Now I’m doing what I want to do, when I want to and for how long I want to do it. I don’t have to sedate myself into the tolerance. And that makes a huuge difference.

4. Anxiety

Yup, we are entering anxiety zone… Something I wasn’t even aware it existed until last few years of my drinking career. My mornings were swimming in it, completely swallowing me- and excuse me for big words, but any person who had anxiety knows that this is not an exaggeration. You literally feel swallowed by fear. Sometimes the fear is based on a real thing, like Omg I made a complete fool of myself last night! Or any other life issue that is current for that time. But it also might be just the fear based purely on hormonal imbalance caused by booze. Fear which my amazing brain could always find a legit reason for near by.

It took me a while to help myself with anxiety even after quitting, and if I’m being brutally honest I still have it on a rare occasions- although not nearly as severe or paralyzing as I did when I used to drink.


Choosing sobriety isn’t merely about removing alcohol; it’s about rediscovering real enjoyment in interactions and activities without the crutch of inebriation. It has allowed me to engage more fully with life, appreciate moments for what they truly are, not through the haze of alcohol. If my experiences resonate with you or spark curiosity about how an alcohol-free life might enhance your own life, I encourage you to explore this path. It’s not just a lifestyle choice; it’s a journey towards rediscovering your authentic self.