Simple But Powerful Way I LIke To Use Tarot Cards

There might be a thousand ways to read Tarot out there… And probably all of them are correct- that mean as long as they serve the purpose. I like to keep my reading simple though.

Tarot (for me at least) is not about fortune telling. I remember the show when I was little, some guy on TV was reading tarot to the people who would call- saying something like: On the 7th of October you will meet your soulmate on a bus station, he will have a tattoo on his left arm… Nonsense.

I believe that we already have all the answers we need for everything- we just got little wrapped up in all the buzz of life and we don’t see it clearly. So we need a little nudge in the right direction. A touch of intuition, so to speak.

I might add that, in my opinion, tarot cards don’t have any real or magical power- nothing more than everything else in this world has. After all it’s just the printed paper. The power is within us, our inner vision and intelligence. It’s like asking the Universe for a sign- well this is the easiest way for that sign to reach you.


How I read Tarot?

My way is very simple: I shuffle the cards few times and than I spread them facing down. I pick three without any thinking, this is the job for intuition- not our analytical mind. The answer always (always!) lays somewhere in these three cards. I check each one’s meaning (online or within a book) and I put together the whole picture. Guys, this is not going to be type of post where I’m trying to make you believe in tarot- but when I tell you what cards I pulled… Only a fool would think those were coincidences.

I use the same procedure if I’m doing a reading for someone else, except that I’m telling them to hold their question in their mind and I’m trying to focus on them- so I don’t interfere with the reading. The reason I like to tell them to hold their thoughts in their mind is: If they get the answer they were looking for, to know that is not coming from my knowledge of their situation.

Some people like to make an art of their tarot reading: light up a candle, perhaps sage (learn how to use sage here), chant, sing, meditate… Make a full experience out of it. I think that’s beautiful and I respect those methods. However, with the tarot at least, I like the practical approach. Simple question with a (hopefully) simple enough answer.

Cards I Use