Quitting Alcohol: 5 Books That Changed My Life

Quitting alcohol and books that changed my life. I was debating if this should be the title… It sounds preposterous, almost like a shiny commercial with a big promise that invites you to enter this post. But I decided to leave it as it is.

Why? Well because it’s true.

Not so long ago I was a young woman who drank alcohol often. I often felt bad about it too. So I decided to read few books on the subject of quitting, just to see what’s out there. Little did I know that this three (and a half) books would completely change the course of my life- for the better. Looking at my experience with this books in retrospect, I can see how each of these books had its own unique purpose in my transformation and with perfect timing. So here we are, books that made me quit alcohol:

quitting alcohol

Clare Pooley, The Sober Diaries

The Sober Diaries by Clare Pooley. When I started reading this book my main issue with quitting alcohol was the fact that I couldn’t even imagine my life without it, let alone to think any real thoughts about quitting. It was simply impossible. Yes, I knew I should stop and part of me wanted to- but did I really want to quit? If I’m being honest, probably not. By reading Clare’s honest and funny story I was able to, if nothing else, see that as a possibility and almost… truly want it. That was enough for me at that moment.

Sarah Turner & Lucy Rocca, The Sober Revolution

The Sober Revolution by Sarah Turner and Lucy Rocca. Than there was… Delusion. My main obsession became: Wait! Do I even have a problem? Should I even bother myself with all this? I couldn’t stop thinking about it, measuring, writing it down, trying to remember when was my last bad episode and so on. And this book was made for those thoughts.. Cutting through all my crap and giving me examples of real women not so different than myself and their story of quitting alcohol… not so different than mine. This book opened my eyes by telling me: Trust me, you should quit.

Annie Grace, This Naked Mind

This Naked Mind by Annie Grace. This book sealed the deal. This book gave me everything for the final blow for quitting alcohol. Not sure if it would have the same potency without other two, but if there is one book to choose from this three- it would be this one. My reasons for drinking, one by one brought to the surface and brutally shattered by cold facts and logic. Every single one, there was nothing left behind. I was done. I became a person who doesn’t drink alcohol anymore.

Also, Jack Trimpey- Rational Recovery

It’s worth to mention that this was not my first attempt to do something about my drinking. Few years prior to my final decision I tried to achieve the same goal by reading Rational Recovery by Jack Trimpey. This is a great book that might be of use to someone. It has some great insights that, although didn’t helped me at the time, definitely left a mark on me that might’ve even contributed to my success.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me- I am here for you. And if you are interested about my reasons for living alcohol free life today check out this post.