The Power of Mindful Morning: Start Your Day Off Right

That first morning sunshine when it pours through the windows, crisp air and morning coffee drank in silence of possibilities- don’t you just love mindful mornings? And so what if you’ve been reaching for your phone, while still in bed, lately? As Nina Simone once said in her, probably, best piece ever: It’s a new dawn, It’s a new day, It’s a new life for me.

So why mindful morning instead of a productive morning? There is a whole day to be productive, the whole day to check our emails, take care of everyone and everything that needs our attention. But the morning is the best time to do You. To see who is that person that just woke up and who she/he wants to be for the rest of the day. Once we establish that, we have more control over our mind and with that- more control over the rest of our day. So, open those curtains, turn the coffee machine on and let’s have a mindful morning practice for a wonderful day.

Early Enough

I read somewhere: Wake up early enough to catch final whispers of the bird song. Instead of aiming for that perfect number, how about if we wake up just early enough. Early enough to have coffee in peace. Early enough to catch the sun still low. Early enough to see the shadows on the floor. Early enough so we can still have enough time to sleep and rest.

You know, early enough.


As silly as this may sound to you, I discovered the magic words to start the day on the right foot. As I open my eyes, I smile (yes I have to force myself to do it) and say silently: Today is going to be a wonderful day. No matter the inner situation, it always brightens my mood.

The Silence Of The Espresso

Mindful Morning

Every avid coffee drinker can agree that, that first morning cup of coffee is the most important one in a day. And it’s a shame to treat it as a routine- instead of a ritual that actually is. Recipe: First open the coffee stash and take a deep inhale through the nose, let that earthy scent ground you. Mindfully prepare it, in your favorite mug, paying attention to the buzzing sounds of the coffee maker. Be present. Take the mug between your palms, while your hands are getting warm. Look at that color and steam coming out of it- isn’t it beautiful? Close your eyes and take the first sip. Notice the flavor, the dry texture. Enjoy it in silence and gently redirect every thought that appears- back to the magic in the mug.


The time spent in silence listening to the breath- is a worthwhile pastime.

Wim Hof & Cold Shower

Ever since I discovered Wim Hof and his method of breathing exercises combined with a cold shower- I can’t seem to shut up about it. Everyone got the link to it, so I think it’s only fair to share with you too (click here). It is an absolute game-changer for everyone who can’t seem to stop the thoughts of pouring in violently.


Playing nice and soothing music while doing our morning chores is like putting the flower crown on our brain. Different seasons of life, require different playlists- but generally I don’t find myself straying far from: lo-fi, jazz or indie. Current:

Mindful Morning

I hope I insipired you to try some of this ideas, and discover the power of mindful mornings.