How to Simplify Your Life in a Day and Find Peace

Simplifying one’s own life can seem like a life-long journey. Something that you have to get ready for, only to realize you don’t have enough time to even deal with “that stuff” and postpone it again. But I believe in instant results, I believe you can simplify your life in a day. By dropping the bull*it and making a few simple changes around yourself: -o

Stop Overthinking Everything

As an ex overthinker (with occasional relapses) I can tell you that overthinking is complicating life a lot. Replays from past situations, some perceived mistakes and uncomfortable situations yet to come- are just some of the signs of overthinking. If a simple thought about the same situation would feel like a walk on a road (possibly bumpy). Overthinking, on the other hand, feels like a spiral, usually followed by shame, anxiety, and anger. Read how to stop overthinking everything.

Give away anything you don’t use

Books you piled up, clothes that don’t fit, old hobbies, almost empty beauty products… The list can go on. We can always justify keeping them with hope that one day we’ll need them. But all that really happens is: whenever we look at them we just feel guilty for not using them. Which potentially blocks us from pursuing new things that really interest us. Having said this, I’m giving away my sewing equipment. It’s been a year since I even touched it, but every time I look at it I feel a slight disappointment with myself for not sewing anymore. Especially with all those expensive fabrics I collected. Although, realistically, there is no chance I will sew anymore- you get what I mean?

Let go of the drama

Gossip, complaining, overreacting… When you feel the urge or situation to raise- just smile and walk away.

simplify your life

Clean up your home

You will be surprised how much a simple clean up can make the mind function better. Partially, the act of cleaning itself is a very relaxing one. And partially for the result- clean and fresh environment.

Go outside

Take a walk, go for a run, sit on the bench- sometimes the most simple things are the most effective.

Make A Plan

I realized that much of my daily stress was coming from (often unnecessary) decision-making. What should I do/ Where should I go/What should I eat… And we all know that our self-control is not unlimited. Nothing wrong with giving in to our impulses from time to time. But wrestling with them all the time can be exhausting. And again, unnecessary. Especially when a simple plan would do the trick. Not as a strict to-do list that we have to obey, but more like a guideline. When our mind is clear and calm (in the morning or before sleep for example) it’s much easier to see the path we want to take, then when we are in the middle of it- during the day.