The Art of Full Moon Celebration: Simple and Realistic Ideas for Honoring the Lunar Cycle

Oh how glorious it is to celebrate the full moon… Take a whole day to just swim in its energy, perform (relatively) crazy rituals, light up a hundred candles, water the plants and meditate in solitude (or with like-minded people)…

ALAS, that is not life for the most of us.

It would be nice. But on rare occasions when we even remember that it’s a full moon- the house tends to be in such a mess, or someone is coming or kids are going wild or… You put your situation. So as the bonfire-in-the woods-idea slowly falling away, we can comfortably say that it might not look like on You Tube. And guess what? There is nothing wrong with that.

Why would you celebrate the full moon?

A person who has that natural attraction towards it probably doesn’t need a reason why – more likely why not! But in case your rational mind is looking at you with a raised eyebrow, let’s talk about rituals in general. Think about it, we all mutually agreed upon celebrating New Year’s day because some guy (Julius Cesar) decided that it will be the 31st December* (month invented as well). In the Universe there is no such thing as New Year’s day, or Christmas, or Easter… There is no such thing as night and day even! So we all understand that it’s our choice what we celebrate. Why wouldn’t we then celebrate everything beautiful? And what is more beautiful than illuminating satellite on the night starry sky?

*Fun fact: The first ones to celebrate New Year’s were Babylonians and it was on Spring Equinox. Which to me has even more sense.

There are two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.

Albert Einstein

Inner Feelings

All that matters really. You know that feeling on Christmas morning (or any other holiday) when you were a kid? You know you can “produce” those feelings whenever you want it to. I mean it all happened in your head anyway. I read somewhere: It’s you who makes the moment happy not the moment that makes you happy (or something in those lines). So you can well, decide to be excited that it is a full moon and simply spice up your day with those feelings. And the best part is that nobody needs to know and no one can take it away from you. Unless you allow them of course.


You could organize dinner for your friends and family, and joke about it being a Full Moon Dinner. Or keep it to yourself and watch the night unfold in the sweet ignorance of what is really being celebrated. On the other hand if you have that privilege to be surrounded by like-minded people… You can talk about it, sing, chant… Just have a great time. And who knows maybe that becomes the next monthly celebration ritual.


Is always a good idea. Whether we talk about the park, the beach or your backyard for that matter- take your shoes off and enjoy little Earthing and Moon Gazing together. The benefits are about a mile long, some of them including: stronger intuition, connection with the Tao or the Universe, better sleep, relaxation and so on… And it doesn’t have to mean this grandiose thing, well-prepared with all the spiritual trinkets. It can if you want to, but personally I’m a fan of simplicity. Just walking outside barefoot and looking up (for a change) is all that a person needs.


Dancing means freedom. At least in my imagination. Short with time? Put your favorite song and just dance. You don’t have to be outside to experience the benefits of ecstatic dance during the full moon- nor do you have to know how to dance. Actually if you could forget everything you know about dancing and just move with the music- that would be ideal. Think about it as meditation rather than choreography. One song is enough to change the vibe you’ve been carrying with you. Check out this one, so beautiful…


If you’ve been waiting for the perfect moment to try that mask you’ve been saving- there is no better time than now… Or the full moon! But even if you don’t have any hidden masks in your closet- pampering in any form is a wonderful idea. Here is how I rationalize it: By honoring this sacred moment on our planet we are honoring everything in our Universe. We are too part of that Universe and with that our bodies… That has to be honored. So pamper yourself away, fill up the tub, put the headphones on and relax… Let the full moon wash everything holding you down in life.

You see? Realistic.