From Chaos to Control: How to Get Your Life Together and Maintain Balance

We’ve all been there, some of us many, many times. Feelings of irritation, hopelessness even, not sure what we’re doing or where we’re going. Our good habits- oh God knows where They are, but the bad ones are lurking at best. And although you might be feeling like you let yourself go, allow me to show you why this could be the greatest thing that has happened to you and how you can grow out of it, how to get your life together:

1. Change the attitude

There are few things to be taken into consideration, first: Just because it feels shitty it doesn’t mean it’s bad. Take the physical pain for example- nobody likes headaches, but imagine not being able to feel when something is wrong. So the pain is our friend, it shows us that some things have to be taken care of. The same for our current situation, it feels shitty because it’s time to grow.

Second: this mess does not reflect our life as a whole. Just because we feel frantic in This moment, and that could be for a variety of reasons (lack of sleep, over-stimulation, poor thought choices), that doesn’t mean that our whole lives up to this moment are suddenly wrong and we have to “start over everything.” It’s crucial to understand that this too is a phase. And just like any other phase it will pass.

And third: Isn’t it great that you can be objective enough towards your own life and see when things are not going as you would like? C’mon, give yourself a gentle pat on the shoulder for even noticing what’s happening.

2. Silence

We have so much stimuli, social media, environment, commercials, ads… Everyone fights for our attention. So, naturally, our existence is buzzing with influence. Imagine our mind as a room, and all our ideas and inspirations as people- all chatting at the same time. Some of them are great ideas, some are nonsense and shouldn’t be taken seriously- but there is no way to see who is who when all hundreds of them are talking at the same time. Only when we kick them all out and let the room be quiet for a while, we can re-examine who to let back in. What is worthy of our attention. To quiet your mind I suggest this recipe:

get your life together

3. Inspection

What is wrong? Where are we falling short of our expectations? Without self-reflection we can be going into the circles. Put on the piece of paper your life as if you were writing a book about yourself. My name is…, when I wake up I…, I work as a…, I have…, I eat…, in my free time I… Then, on another paper, you could write your ideal life the same way. And don’t hesitate to go overboard, I mean if we can’t even put it on the paper (that most-likely nobody will even see)- how will we pursue it then? Once we know where we’re at now and where we want to go- we can see where all the confusion lies and what has to be done.

4. Purpose

Or the Why? Why are we doing all this? I mean, it’s not like we need a reason to make a positive change in our lives. However, in order to make a Lasting change it’s not a bad idea to figure out the why-part- so when the motivation dies (and it will) we still have something to lean on.

5. Healthy Routine

It’s time to implement a healthy and sustainable routine. In the beginning consider some planning, just until it becomes a second nature. And try to not attempt doing all at once, that usually turns out not to be a lasting change. This is a great moment to practice a patience, good things take time and they are worth of waiting for.

And lastly…

Except your own duality. Like the Yin and Yang there will always be a little mess in all the peace and order we are trying to get. And there, you will always find a trace of order, in all that mess. The point of life is not in destination, unless you consider death as our destination, but in the journey. Who we become in the process is far more valuable than the result we are trying to make.