The Journey to Balance: How to Find Harmony Between Your Spiritual and Material Goals

As a Libra, and by it (of course) an obsessional balance seeker, this has been an issue… Wonderful days of early morning meditations and evening yoga under the candlelight (sometimes even moonlight!)- followed by, I guess still wonderful, days full of binge-actions of all kind: Netflix, food, shopping, complaining… You name it- we have it on the menu! Than comes that emptiness… The bad one, not the good one that Buddhist are talking about. And finally we start again, meditation, yoga… So how do one finds balance between spiritual and material path?

What does it mean to be spiritual anyway?

I would say that being spiritual means acknowledgement of greater forces in the Universe, more than we can perceive in our daily lives, and implementation of practice that brings us closer to that realization. Now, does that mean spending every waking moment reading the spiritual books and meditating? Well probably not. I mean look, most of us just want to live harmonious and abundant lives. With a dash of mysticism. Especially if you have family, try studying Bhagavad Gita when your kid just threw a bowl of pasta on the wall. That of course doesn’t make a person less “spiritual” than somebody who, perhaps, lives their own Eat Pray Love.

“Falls” Are Necessary Part Of Growth

What we perceive as “falls” are really no falls at all! These are necessary waves in the ocean of our consciousness that allows us to go further. Each time we go back to the shore (our material behavior) we bring our new depths of knowledge and understanding with us, so the next time we take off- we go further and further. Until we are able to sit on the beach (with a fruity umbrella drink) blissful in the fact that we are, either way, still in a cosmic paradise.

Practice & Forgiveness

What helps me with the balance is definitely the practice. Whether it’s yoga, meditation, chanting or just trying to be present- the daily practice for me is necessary. And with that also forgiveness… Yes, I might have been sleeping in and eating fast food, so what? It’s okay, I forgive myself and I’m still going to meditate (when I find moment) or do yoga if possible. All-or-nothing-mentality never helped no one, so it probably won’t help me either.

Spirituality In Everyday Material Life

  • Eating slowly and mindfully in a restaurant.
  • Whenever walking from parking to work- practicing walking meditation.
  • Essential oil bath with awesome Spotify playlist.
  • Sitting on the beach and doing absolutely nothing.
  • Watching movies that leave you happy or inspired.
  • Secretly chanting when everyone thinks you are singing some of your other nonsense songs.
  • Yoga instead of phone when waiting for someone.
  • Skipping the judgment when it arise… And it will. A LOT.
  • Shopping sustainable and clean.
  • Slowly adjusting life to better reflect new purpose (to be happy and fulfilled).

Do you something to add to this list?