The Law of Attraction and Gratitude: How to Feel Appreciation Before Manifestation

The million dollar question- literally. How to feel grateful before manifestation?

Especially if our circumstances are far from ideal. I mean sure, it’s easy to feel awesome when things are going awesome. But when you wish to manifest something important and there is that familiar feeling of disappointment- manifestation might as well be on the moon.

But that’s where the gratitude comes in:

First, Why Is Feeling Grateful Important?

Well for starters, it makes us appreciate things we have in our life. Which than gives us sense of peace and non-urgency. Realistically, we already have everything that we need right now, right? Fresh air, body, food, drinking water, shelter… And even if some of those conditions are in jeopardy- there is always something else to be grateful for.

Than we have the health benefits. Gratitude:

  1. makes us happy and less prone to depression
  2. instantly reduces stress & anxiety
  3. inspires us to make healthier choices
  4. improves our relationships and makes us more compassionate
  5. improves our general health

Law Of Attraction Says

Law of attraction is philosophy that says: whatever we put out (in the form of actions, feelings or thinking)- is what we will get back in life (in form of circumstances, people or events). There are no definite scientific evidence for that philosophy (there are many ideas though) but any person who ever tried it, can confirm it works. Think about when you randomly thought of someone, and that someone texted you or called you (or you meet them) in the matter of hours or days. That is the law of attraction in it’s simplest form.

When we feel truly grateful for things in our life, law of attraction brings us more things to be grateful for. Which is why is so important to feel grateful ahead of manifestation.

Easy Ways To Feel Grateful Before Manifestation

First I want to explain something. It’s nearly impossible to feel grateful for something that didn’t arrive yet- if you can’t feel the gratitude for the things that are there already. I’m yet to meet someone who is able to make such jump. So let’s start with observing our own life and finding things to be grateful for.

You can write it down or sit in silence and just think. Start with simple things and build it slowly, and you’ll see- the more you think about it, more things you’ll find. I always like to start with easy stuff: fresh air, water, food, ability to move, think. Than people around me, material possessions, experiences… After I go through most of my life (and I’m all warmed up) I jump to the future-manifestation-gratitude.

I am so happy and grateful now that … and than you write or think about the thing you want to attract. And since you already pumped up your gratitude-mood, it’s going to be an easy slide.


It’s important to understand that you don’t Have to generate gratitude for that which you want to attract in order to attract it. Whaaaat?! For real, feelings of gratitude for what you already have on it’s own is enough. The more grateful you are- the more reasons for gratitude will the Universe give you. Simple. What we are doing here is just for fun, because it’s interesting to do it while the Universe is wrapping up those circumstances to best fit our unique situation.

Also, to not get confused… If you sit on your couch and wish to become a millionaire by being grateful that you have a couch to sit on… Well, I’ll tell you Good Luck! In my personal experience (and experiences of all people I ever heard about) that is not how it works. Imagine law of attraction as a fuel (or a Tesla super-charging station) and your wish as a destination you want to go to. In order to start that journey- you need to get into the car and start driving. That is how I like to look at the law of attraction. Wishful thinking without action means… well, nothing.

So buckle up, my friend. And tell me, what are you grateful for?

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