Ashwagandha: How It Improved My Life and Well-Being

Ashwagandha or Withania Somnifera or Indian Ginseng is an ancient medicinal herb found in India, Africa and some part of Middle east. It is essential part of Ayurvedic medicine and it’s prescribed for stress, anxiety, low energy, insomnia, hormonal imbalance and so much more. With all the benefits and no side effects ashwagandha became my number one fix-me-up medicine. And I’ll tell you why.

After my decision to quit alcohol anxiety that I had up to that moment, that I oh so naively believed would pass, stroke me more than ever. My mornings were swimming in fears and doubts making a huge negative impact on my life. I mean, who likes to have panic attacks every day? And how the things are never simple- stress caused my hormones to go crazy, making my skin breakout, causing me more stress and the circle continues. That is when I stumbled upon ashwagandha.

I started using it daily, completely discarding the recommended dose. If the dose supposed to be 1/2 teaspoon, I would put a tablespoon- crazy? Probably, but you can imagine how much I needed a relief. And surely enough, the anxiety lifted- only two weeks after I started using it.

Aside being able to feel like myself again, I noticed that my skin improved which meant that my hormones balanced out, which cased my periods to feel lighter (in every possible sense) which made my mood improve and the circle continues… Ah I how love ashwagandha!


Less enjoyable effects of Ashwagandha

Believed or not, but there are two things that I dislike about ashwagandha. First is the taste. It tastes like… well, like the worst taste imaginable and there is no way around it for me. Which is the reason why I like to either mix it up with almond milk and honey or drink it fast. Ashwadandha in Sanskirt means like a horse, meaning it smells like a horse but it also gives you horse strength.

Second thing is are the dreams. Yes, ashwagandha causes me to have the most vivid dreams imaginable. Sometimes they were good, often bad but in both cases- very intense. What is the reason for it, I’m still not sure (although I have some ideas) however, I noticed that if I drink it earlier in a day- dreams are not as intense as when I drink it before bed. Also, I should add that some people enjoy this “side effect”.

Ashwagandha could be a great addition to your daily supplement intake- I hope this post inspired you to give it a try.

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