Overcoming Negative Self-Talk with Positive Affirmations

What if I told you that your words have power? That things that you are repeating to yourself (and others) are shaping your whole reality? What would you say than? Would you keep saying the things that you’ve been saying? Or would you start saying things that you want to happen?

Let’s start with simple stuff

Like, How are you?

What are you saying to people when they ask you that? I mean, look- I know that question is mostly a blunt pleasantry, and majority of the people don’t even wait for you to answer. But still, even in this meaningless situation (when no one is really “looking”)- what is your answer? Is it Tired, or So-So, or Fine? Or is it Excellent, Awesome, Great?

I learned in my own time that the more I was saying things like: I’m sooo tired– the more tired and annoyed I would feel. Or things like: I’m so broke, I hate my life, I hate people, I never have any luck, etc. Things would get progressively worse, it seemed almost like a negative affirmation.

Than there is…

Complaining. Don’t think I’m not guilty of this one. But what is the purpose of complaining? Do you Really think you will feel better after you talk s**t about you boss, or friend, or whatever? Well maybe, if you tell that to the right person who can actually help you with that situation. But if you are telling that to people who can only listen and get annoyed too? What is the purpose- except reaffirming your reality and preventing it from change.

“If you want to keep a problem you have, then just keep talking about it. But if you want to get rid of it, then talk about the answer as if you expect it to manifest at any moment.”
-Joyce Meyer, Change Your Words, Change Your Life

Of course this is not to say that all situations are equal. If you find yourself in a problem or a difficult situation, and you need help- you’re obviously going to ask for it. From someone, anyone. What I’m talking about here is our human tendency to repeat things that we don’t want… For whatever reason.

Water Experiment

Dr. Masaru Emoto conducted an experiment with water. He wanted to see how our words and thinking can effect the untreated distilled water crystals. He would print certain negative and positive words and attach them on the glass with water. Than he would freeze the water and examine it under the dark field microscope. These were the effect:

Now think about the fact that we are around 70% water… And so is the earth.

DNA Experiment

Dr. Pjotr Garjajev and his colleagues found that our DNA has set of rules just like our languages. So the language of all humans was not created by random occurrence — it is a reflection of our DNA. Furthermore, their results suggest that your DNA can be “influenced and reprogrammed by words and frequencies.” It all makes sense! Our DNA is not only the building structure of our body- it’s also our communication data storage! This explains why prayers and affirmations said out loud has such a strong effect on our bodies!

Try Your Own Experiment

You don’t need a lab to be a scientist, you can be you own experiment. For a month only (yes, only) try to sustain of any unnecessary negative talk about yourself and others- replace it with words of compassion, understanding and positive attitude. Let’s see what happens. Monitor you life, mood and pay attention at your surrounding. Interrupt when you hear yourself repeating old negative statements. People would laugh at me when I would say something like: Oh yeah, I gain weight easily… You know what? No! It’s easy for me to stay slim! It does sound ridiculous I must admit. But guess what… Now, it’s easy for me to stay slim.

Still don’t believe me? Try it yourself.