Documentaries to Inspire Your Wellness Journey

Are you looking for some motivation to kickstart your wellness journey? Look no further! These 5 documentaries will not only educate you on important health and wellness topics, but they’ll also inspire you to make positive changes in your own life. From the power of healthy eating to the transformative effects of mindfulness and psychedelics, these films will leave you feeling energized and ready to take on your wellness goals. So grab some popcorn and get ready to be inspired! 



Heal is a 2017 documentary by Kelly Noonan which explores the idea that thoughts and emotions can impact (if not even determine) our health and ability to heal. Moreover, it’s a beautifully made movie, with awesome interviews and a great stories. Watching it always inspires me to take better care of myself.

May I be Frank

May I Be Frank is a lovely (and true) story of a man named Frank and his life-changing journey after he befriends a group of vegan boys. They decide to help him become a better version of himself through healthy eating, holistic healing, and… Well, love and appreciation. It’s a truly inspiring piece, perhaps mostly because Frank is the last person who you’d imagine embarking on such journey.

Hungry For Change

Hungry For Change is a classic let’s-turn-the package-and-look-at-the-ingredients movie. It exposes some of the most common deceptive strategies used by big food companies to alluring us into mindless overconsumption. And although the movie is 10 years old, you will recognize the same strategies still present today.

The Earthing Movie


The Earthing Movie is a spectacular piece. With the help of experts, the movie explores the theory that walking barefoot can heal inflammation in the body… I won’t say much. Except that, as it turns out it’s not just a theory after all. We might even call it a fact. 

How To Change Your Mind

How To Change Your Mind is a Netflix documentary series that explores the mental benefits of using psychedelics in therapy. While the Shroom tea might not be your cup of tea- it’s a truly interesting subject worth exploring even if it’s only from a hypothetical stand point.

I hope these documentaries inspire you as much as they inspire me.